General Courses

Become valuable to your employer

If you want to make yourself more employable when starting or advancing your career in construction then gaining a qualification means you become useful and valuable to your employer.  By gaining a qualification it proves to the employer you are motivated and serious about wanting to progress your career with them. Below are a list of general courses that we offer and provide.

Green Labourer Card

Perhaps your first step to working on a construction site is to gain your CSCS Green Card.

Construction Plant Competency Scheme – CPCS

A CPCS card is an internationally recognised competency scheme recognised on all construction sites and often an essential requirement for working on these sites.  See how you can enter this scheme.

National Plant Operators Registration Scheme – NPORS

NPORS is a competency scheme which will prove you have been trained and your competency assessed to a required standard.  This is recognised on many sites nationwide, click to find out more.

Street Works

Before you can work on the public highways you must be on the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) This is achieved by attending our courses for the relevant units you require and successfully passing the City and Guilds assessments.

Confined Spaces

A City and Guilds training and assessment to prove your competency entering a confined space, which can be as small as a meter pit and as large as a sewer.


An important way to advance your career for gaining a competent operator blue CPCS card or gaining a CSCS card

Health and Safety Courses

A range of safety course for new entrants to managers

Land-based and Agriculture

A range of courses for those looking to work in the land based or agricultural sector.


If you have an employer who will support you an apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain many important qualifications and provide an excellent kick start to your career.