Plant Renewal Test

This test is required before you can renew your CPCS Competent Operator,  Blue Card.

What is the renewal test?

The plant renewal test checks key safety knowledge relating to the categories of plant within CPCS. A set of 15 randomly selected multiple-choice questions, known as a module, will be available for each category of plant, or for a group of similar categories. Cardholders will need to pass each module in order to retain each category when renewing their Competent Operator (Blue) Card. The questions are based on the key knowledge expected of experienced plant operators and have been devised from topic areas identified through extensive consultation with employers and health and safety-related data.

When do I need to take the renewal test?

The module for each category held needs to be passed before the category can be added to a renewed Blue Card. The test can be taken up to two years before the Blue Card expires.

How many renewal tests do I need to book?

One renewal test booking includes up to five modules. If a cardholder has, or is renewing, five or fewer categories, they only need to book one test. If the cardholder is renewing more than five categories, they need to book an additional test.

How do I know which modules to book?

A renewal reminder is sent to all Blue cardholders six months before the expiry date.  In some cases, similar categories will only have one module, for example, Dump Truck – Articulated Chassis and Dump Truck – Rigid Chassis have one module entitled ‘Dump Truck’, which applies to both categories.  To avoid the need for a cardholder to be presented with similar questions, booking concessions have been provided whereby if two similar categories are held, only one module within a test may need to be booked.  Contact us with your card number and we can check which modules you need to take.

How can I revise for the renewal test?

As the questions are specialist in nature and have a smaller question bank, they will not be published (unlike the HS&E test). To allow cardholders to prepare for each module, a set of module specific CPCS factsheets has been developed which comprehensively but concisely cover all the subject areas within each question module from which the questions are drawn.

The factsheets are available from us on enrolment.  All cardholders taking the test are strongly advised to revise early and familiarise themselves with the subject areas.

Course Duration:

10 minutes for each module, but please allow plenty of time for us to check you in

Assessment and exams:

You will be assessed through a computer generated multiple choice theory test.  Voice overs in English is available, please ask at booking.


When you have successfully completed the course you will be awarded a CITB Renewal Test certificate.

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