Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Test


All tests last for 30 minutes and have 27 multiple-choice questions.

This Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites test is aimed at all individuals who have or wish to gain contracted work at nuclear new build sites. The test is required to show individuals have retained the key aims and objectives set out in the training prior to going on site.  All individuals who will be required to work on a Nuclear New Build Site should have completed this training and test prior to their Site Induction.

Prepare properly

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the TBNNBS test, please complete the online e-learning training material published by the National Skills Academy Nuclear. It is recommended that this training material is completed at least 3 days prior to taking the TBNNBS test.

Course details

The TBNNBS training comprises of a half day training session and covers the key knowledge requirements presented in three short modules that together provide the minimum nuclear knowledge expected in preparation for Site Induction and working on a Nuclear New Build Site:

  • Basic Common Induction (BCI)
  • Basic Nuclear Industry in Context (BNIC)
  • Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours (BNIB)

The training is focused at a fundamental level to introduce the requirements for compliance, nuclear awareness and industry behaviours for working in the nuclear industry to ensure individuals understand the need to work safely and maintain the safety of their work colleagues, the site and the environment now and in the future.

Whilst the fundamentals of compliance, nuclear awareness and behaviours are covered, there is a strong emphasis on nuclear power generation and for everyone involved in the construction and commissioning to really think about the importance of carrying out tasks correctly and following procedures to help ensure new nuclear power stations are built and perform correctly over their designed lifetime.  By doing things correctly now, this helps to minimise and eliminate ‘latent impact’ in the future. Latent impact is a key term that will be covered in the training.

The course is available free of charge via the Skill Academy’s e-Learning Portal. Details on how to access the on-line training are provided on the National Skills Academy for Nuclear web site.