Workforce Training

Through our quality resources, training and testing we are committed to deliver a product which not only gives your workforce the qualifications to conduct their work to your client’s specifications but also promotes a positive attitude to Health and Safety and efficient working.

We will test your workforce fairly and accurately to the standards of the qualification giving you feedback as to their strengths and weaknesses.  We hope this will give you the confidence to deploy your staff to meet the demands of the task.

Skills Matrix

We can work with you to develop a Skills Matrix of your company and plan your training and assessment needs.  With planning can bring efficiency.  We can identify multiple candidates for a course to apply a multi booking discount, ensure no qualifications become outdated just before that ‘big job’ starts or simply plan your needs over the year to optimise cash flow.

In House Certification

If you are managing your own work sites and not sub-contracting to others, you may wish to consider our in house accreditation scheme.

Legally you need to train and authorise your workforce in the tasks you expect them to complete, they do not necessarily need a competency card to achieve this.  All our qualifications are available as an in house, Civil Skills Plus, accreditation scheme.  Our trainers will certify your workforce are trained and competent following our assessment of them.

Levy Payers

If you are a CITB Levy payer remember to claim your levy back on the training and testing we supply.  Let us have your Levy number when you book your CPCS tests to make your claim quicker.

Please contact us if we can help in any way.