Street Works Re-Assessment

Are you looking to renew your Street Works qualification?

Civil Skills Plus is an approved centre for Street Works Reassessment.

The SWQR (Street Works Qualifications Register) card is valid for five years, and will need to be renewed at the end of this period.

What are my options?

Your renewal options allow you to either retake the initial practical assessments or complete the re-assessment written examinations. Workers are given six months leeway either side of their current cards expiry date to take their re-assessment, making sure the time it takes to apply for the SWQR card is taken into account.

If choosing the street works reassessment tests, please be aware that no training can be given prior to the test (as dictated by City & Guilds) and that candidates may only be reassessed on units they currently hold.

What do the written examinations involve?

The re-assessment exam consists of a 30 minute Per Unit written test; these tests are open book with multiple choice questions. Each candidate is provided with all the materials needed to complete the exam.

Each candidate will have 3 chances to achieve each unit during their re-assessment day. The pass mark for all re-assessment tests is 80% (8 out of 10 questions correct).

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