Street Works Units

Operative Units

Unit 1

Location & Avoidance of Underground Apparatus
Training will be given in the use of cable avoidance equipment and developing your skills in identifying Utilities Plans, symbols and apparatus.

Unit 2

Signing, Lighting & Guarding
Training will be given in the setting up of traffic lights and signage.  This will cover Chapter 8 requirements

Unit 3

Excavation in the Highway
The training given will enable you to identify different types of footway carriageways correctly, excavate, provide protection to underground apparatus, select and store suitable excavated material for backfill.

Unit 4

Reinstatement & Compaction of Backfill Materials
Following training you will be able to identify road type, select suitable material for backfill, backfill to the NRWSA standards and dispose of surplus materials Safely.

Unit 5

Reinstatement of Sub-Base & Road-base in Non Bituminous Materials
To enable you to complete unit 4 you will be trained in the identification and preparation of differing layers of backfill materials.

Unit 6

Reinstatement in cold-Lay Bituminous Material
Training is given in preparing and constructing layers to receive cold lay surfacing materials.

Unit 7

Reinstatement in Hot-Lay Bituminous Materials
Trained as above with the addition of laying hot materials.

Unit 8

Reinstatement of Concrete Slabs
Prepare sub bases, edges and reinforcement materials to enable you to form a concrete slab tied into existing surfacing.  This training is essential for concrete road works.  These units can be delivered at your site.

Unit 9

Reinstatement of Modular & Concrete Footways
This training will prepare you for the removal of existing surfaces prepare bedding materials to enable you to lay modular and/or concrete surfacing.

Supervisor Units

Unit 1

Required if Candidate has not previously achieved.

Unit 10

Monitoring Signing, Lighting & Guarding.  This will cover Chapter 8 requirements.

Unit 11

Monitoring Excavation in the Highway.

Unit 12

Monitoring Reinstatement & Compaction of Backfill Materials.

Unit 13

Monitoring Reinstatement of Sub-Base & Road-base in Non Bituminous Materials.

Unit 14

Monitoring Reinstatement in Bituminous Materials.

Unit 15

Monitoring Reinstatement of Concrete slabs.

Unit 16

Monitoring Reinstatement of Modular & Concrete Footways.